A Japanese soul food

Mikoto Ramen

authentic, traditional, great quality

Mikoto aims to introduce the art of Japanese cuisine to you. We specialize in ramen, a Japanese soul food that is taking over several major cities in the US. This Japanese dish serves with noodles in a pork or chicken based white broth (‘paitan’) and a variety of additional toppings. Mikoto broth is slowly brewed for up to 12 hours, allowing all the goodness from the ingredients to emulsify into every drop of the broth.

Our executive chef, Chef Ame, was trained in Japan and has years of experience in Japanese cuisine. Every ramen chef has their own unique expression and culinary style. Chef Ame will use traditional technique combined with fine quality ingredients to create an authentic ramen experience for you. He was the head chef in a renowned ramen bar in Manhattan, New York, and it is our absolute pleasure to have him join Mikoto and bring his unique ramen technique to Houston, Texas. It’s hard to describe how our ramen will stimulate your palate, come and enjoy a bowl of our meticulously crafted ramen yourself!

Want more than ramen? Mikoto also offers teishoku (Japanese set meal) and a delicious array of sushi roll and sashimi. We seek to offer authentic, traditional and great quality food straight from Japanese kitchens to those in Houston. We guarantee that you will find something you enjoy at Mikoto.